Professor Gordin has taught lecture courses in the history of modern science, technology and society, and translation in the history of science, and seminars on nuclear-weapons history, the history of pseudoscience, the Soviet science system, and biography. Downloadable syllabi for select past courses are available below.

Undergraduate lectures

HIS 391: History of Contemporary Science

HIS 292: Science and the Modern World

HUM 305 / TRA 306 / ECS 305: Imagined Languages, taught with Joshua Katz

HIS 397: Translation in the History of Science

Undergraduate seminars

HIS 498: History of Pseudoscience

FRS 173: Einstein

HIS 497: Nuclear History

HIS 495: The Soviet Science System


Graduate seminars

HIS / HOS 595: Introduction to the Historiography of Science

HIS / HOS 599: Global Science

HIS / HOS 553: Boundaries of Knowledge in the European Context

HIS / HOS 599: Biography